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For most enterprises, it has become self-evident that doing business successfully in a digitally disrupted world is problematic. Complex influences lead to increased and unpredicted competitive pressures. The relentless and accelerating pace of technological advance pervades the lives of decision makers, allowing some to exploit opportunities , whilst others fall victim to competitive pressures unforeseen a relatively short time ago.

“...every company will be an IT company, and every leader will be a digital leader....digital is the business; the business is digital”

Peter Sondergaard – Gartner

SVP & Head of Research

At Doriq, we believe that the only way for companies to succeed in this hostile world is to fundamentally change their capabilities to deal with digital disruption.

Understanding Digital Disruption

The business capabilities to understand both the exposure to disruption and the readiness to deal with it.

Transforming Capabilities

The business capabilities to make the transformative changes necessary to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the threats of disruption.

Building Resilience

The business capabilities to deal with ongoing disruption in an optimal manner