Doriq Limited was formed  to help organisations address the ongoing impact of Digital Transformation, in particular with respect to exploitation of data and business architecture value.  Through the experiences of the founding Partners and our associate colleagues, we believe that we bring a unique approach to the Digital Transformation challenge.  In practice: 

  • We take a holistic approach looking at all aspects of the impact that Digital Transformation has or will have on an organisation; 
  • Our comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and tools provides support at every stage of your Digital Transformation journey; 
  • As Executive Directors we have real life experience of leading Transformational change in organisations; 
  • We want the organisations we work with to become self-sufficient and able to navigate the future unaided.  


Guy is the architect of Doriq's framework-driven approach to business transformation, driven and underpinned by a belief that great things can be achieved with technology, but not with technology alone.

Over a thirty year career in business IT, he has acted as a managing consultant, author and mentor to clients in many verticals.

As a founding partner within our associate group (Kasei), Guy applies his experience to the challenges presented by digital disruption, and his passionate advocacy of the need for architectural rigour to be applied to the tasks of justifying, managing and executing business change.


At Doriq, we maintain a strong network of associates (through the Kasei Group), bringing additional specialist expertise and experience to our offering. These individuals bring tailored subject matter expertise in various consulting methodologies, technology areas and vertical sector knowledge

Gerhard has a varied background in academia and industry. He has been a professor at universities in Germany and the US, was the Founding Director of the German AI Research Center, and has held the position of CIO at Daimler-Benz, Alcatel and Dresdner Bank.

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David is a Business Psychologist who works as an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach. David is passionate about shaping leadership and organisational culture to achieve strategic organisational objectives. He has a reputation as a challenging and insightful facilitator who works with warmth and good humour his mission is to leave his clients feeling inspired and resourceful.

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Ian is an accomplished senior executive and has successfully led large service and retail businesses within the UK’s best recognised utilities. He has delivered ambitious customer strategies and business growth plans, navigating multi £billion turnover P&Ls through unprecedented industry and regulatory change, aligning highly engaged teams to compelling vision, clear strategy and bold customer outcomes.

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Charles is a Senior Enterprise Architect, working as an experienced consultant across the UK, EU and Africa. He was the CEO of his own software development company for 14 years in South Africa.

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Based in Toronto, Paul is a versatile and accomplished tri-sector management consultant and enterprise business architect. He excels at working with organizations seeking to transform and intentionally change for the better through creative strategies, informed business design, innovative solutions implementation and effective governance and benefits realization.

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Deepak is a seasoned technology change professional with 20+ years experience in Strategy Development and execution of technology driven capability across a range of industry sectors.

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