Digital Risk Assessment
Doriq provide guided assessment of the specific disruptive risks faced by an enterprise, with due consideration to the vertical in which they operate, pressure from their ecosystem and driven by their position in the relevant marketplaces.
Digital Maturity Assessment
In order to understand the exposure that a client has to digital disruption, we and they must first understand their current level of digital maturity. At Doriq, we have established a standard reference model for digital maturity, which we help our clients apply, I order to understand their own challenges.
SMT Briefing and Readiness Workshops
Dealing with digital disruption effectively requires well-informed, visible and consistent support from senior leadership in an enterprise. Doriq conduct Senior Management Briefings, covering a ‘shallow but broad’ perspective on the approach to business transformation, and providing the basis for this understanding.
Scoping and Planning Transformation Programs
Once we have helped the client establish and agree upon what needs to be done to address the digital challenge, Doriq provide in-depth consultancy to design their target capability architecture (incorporating People, Process, Technology, Climate and Knowledge aspects), and to manage the program of transformation required to achieve it.
Guiding Capability Transformation
Doriq provide support and resources to execute on transformational programs, in particular offering steering and quality assurance expertise, tracking benefits and monitoring progress.
Building Digital Resilience

For an enterprise to be able to deal with digital disruption effectively in the long term, a good deal of attention needs to be devoted to understanding how this resilience can be built into their capabilities.

Doriq provide a structured and effective method to building a digital business architecture practice within the client, providing the basis for this resilience.