Our Associates

Charles is a Senior Enterprise Architect, working as an experienced consultant across the UK, EU and Africa. He was the CEO of his own software development company for 14 years in South Africa.

Charles started in software development, this evolved to solution architecture, to enterprise architecture.

He then moved to the UK to broaden his horizons. This experience gave Charles an extensive architectural knowledge. Spanning Business, Information, Data and Infrastructure Architecture domains of large enterprises.

Much of the UK work revolved around software development methods and processes. This meant managing culture change within IT departments. It also meant extending stakeholder involvement into the business realm. Changing development methods to become more agile and nimble.

These days, to survive, all modern businesses must become digital software businesses. With speed. Charles is ready to assist in transforming business into modern agile digital enterprises.

Charles works with senior management teams on transformation architecture and culture change. At a both business and technical level. Continually learns new digital concepts and technologies. Cloud, Analytics, Cognitive, Microservices & APIs, Blockchain, IoT, etc.

Some of Charles’s clients include: KPMG (EU), Sanlam(SA), Federal Transport(Ethiopia), Shoprite(SA), Old Mutual(SA), Visa(SA), FSA(UK), LCH.Clearnet(UK), HSBC(UK), BACS(UK), Earthport(UK).

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