Managing in a Disrupted World

In recent years, it has been impossible to remain unaware of the continued impact that technology has on our daily lives.  Arguably,  the business world has faced the biggest challenge with imaginative leaders using digital technology to drive seismic changes across whole industries.  The terms ‘Digital Disruptors’ or ‘Digital Transformation’ are often applied in this context.

Technology is not alone in causing these changes.  Companies that are thriving and will continue to thrive use Digital as a key enabler in their transformational business model. Significantly, exemplary organisations have created a climate in their organisations where employees are empowered to challenge the status quo, seek to disrupt existing markets, create new markets and strive every day to make a difference – and to execute change both rapidly and robustly.

Organisations can no longer rest on their laurels, pretend nothing is happening and convince themselves that there is no need to change.  The evidence of complacency is easy to find - many previously well-establish encumbents have disappeared in recent times, a direct result of their failure to recognise that they are at risk. Perhaps even less forgiveable is their inability or reluctance to grasp the opportunities to prosper offered by Digital.

A recent report by the World Economic Forum on Digited Transformation noted:

Digital technologies fundamentally transform organizations, with the pace of technological change exacerbating the challenge. Organizations must have a coherent strategy that includes a plan to reskill workers. Whereas previous technological revolutions (most notably the industrial revolution) played out over a relatively long period of time, the speed of digital transformation is such that businesses need to move quickly.

At Doriq, we believe that the only way for companies to succeed in this hostile world is to fundamentally change their organisational capabilities.

Wherever you are on the Digital Transformation journey, Doriq provide a wide range of consulting services, assessments and ongoing tools to help you navigate the future, together.

We look forward to working with you and your organisation!